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Community for all aspects of the 'Numb3rs' television series.
Our show may be canceled, but we are still here! This community is for all aspects of the Numb3rs fandom and we welcome discussions revolving around all the characters, the cast and crew, and all the relationships therein.

That said, please note that this is considered an adult community because we want a place where we don't have to worry about who's reading. However, also please note that we welcome discussions regarding general topics as well as the heterosexual relationships just as much as we do the slash and 'cest ones. For these reasons, PLEASE make sure to keep the subject line appropriate to what is being discussed.

We encourage participation and would love to have you post your fanfiction, photos, photo manipulations and videos. Also... Need any feedback, help with ideas or research for your fic? This is the place to ask for it :)

Everything can be discussed if done well; please be diplomatic and remember that internet communication is very sterile. Some topics can become heated and the maintainers/moderators reserves the right to have the last word by closing them and has a low threshold for flaming and bashing of members.